Live Wedding Ceremony Music: 5 key points you need to plan...

Music plays such an important role during our lives - & especially on your Wedding Day! Here’s 5 key points to plan when booking Live Music for your Wedding Ceremony…

1) What are the music choices you’ll need to decide on?

  • A tune for your Processional Entrance
  • Several tunes for the Register Signing
  • A tune for the Recessional Exit 

2) Is my Ceremony in a Church?

  • Some religious Ceremonies have restrictions on the type of music that can be performed. Check what these restrictions are before choosing your musicians & music.
  • You’ll also need to choose hymns & hire an organist.

3) Is my Ceremony outdoors?

  • Find out if your musicians need a power supply – some use battery-powered amplification outdoors. Try to keep musicians positioned close to the power supply.
  • Don’t neglect having an alternative plan for wet weather – electric instruments & rain do not mix!
  • Do the musicians need shade if it’s sunny? They’ll be out baking in the hot sun longer than anyone. Direct sunlight makes instruments go out of tune – and can even snap guitar strings!

4) Modern or Classical Music?

  • Are you thinking of walking down the aisle to Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’ or ‘A 1000 Years’? 
  • Check with your Musicians that they can play the style of music you need.
  • Some musicians are able to create a unique arrangement of your favourite tune, just for your Wedding Day!

5) Where are the Musicians going to set up?

  • Musicians will need to have a clear view of your Arrival, Register Signing & Exit so that they can time their performance perfectly.
  • Seating Musicians at the front works well, & gives guests a great view of the performance.
  • If the Musicians can’t see proceedings clearly, somebody will need to be on hand to cue them in.

Bossa Basseline Music have performed at hundreds of Jersey Weddings – in churches, gardens, woods, marquees, hotels & private houses….& we can create a beautiful arrangement of your favourite tune, just for you!

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